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Graudation Day   (2019)

"Graduation Day" is out today!

Today my newest single is out! What amazing timing as well. 3 years ago, I moved to Nashville and didn't know what to expect. I gained, I lost, I shared & I've loved. This has made me the man I am today. Thank you all for being behind me and letting me share my passion with the world. Let's move forward in life with grace and graduate to a higher existence

MERCY  (2018)


"Mercy" is out today!

What a year. I gained so much new perspective on this world and meet many wonderful souls last year. Between the ups & downs of all the awesome thing's that happened and the loss of very close loved ones, I was writing. Mercy is a reflection of that. Love, Heartbreak, Enlightment & Understanding.


These are what inspired the songs, but I hope you all find a special meaning for you in each song and find some Mercy in this growing world we share.

Love all, Be Kind & Show Mercy

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Finer Things Album 2017


My current Full-Length Album "Finer Things" is available on  iTunes, Amazon & all other stores.
Click on the image to hear the album
- Sean Ryan
Summer Tour 2017

This last year was amazing on the road! Besides visiting some of my favorite states, I had the great adventure to tour Europe in September. Made new friends and new music! 
Life is good
Check out my upcoming shows here
Hope to see you out there soon!
- Sean Ryan
"Complicated" Mercy EP
- Zombie Heart -
- Edgar Allan Poe -
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